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Bad jokes will be bad by clearsky1997
Bad jokes will be bad
Even if you are dead. Also new characters that you will see more of in the future (I hope).
Water by clearsky1997
It's 10 o'clock where I live. Ugh it's gonna be a pain to wake up tomorrow.
Alien by clearsky1997
Idk, avoiding responsibilities (that word doesn't liik real to me) weeeee, I don't know what I wanted to do with this.
Headphones by clearsky1997
Idk I really like those pictures where the headphones have butterfly wings. That is all. I am avoiding studying ... ugggh
Tagged by
Okay just to clear things up I don't actually have a fursona but this tag made me decide that Stitch is gonna be my new fursona ... yay
What is the name of your fursona?
• Where did the name of your fursona come from?
He's stitched together because he's decaying a bit (he's a zombie)
• What species is your fursona and why did you choose that species?
Kitteh! I love cats, I wish my dad wasn't allergic to them I'd have like 10 if I could.
 What color is your fursona and why? Hair/fur/eye/ect
He is made from stitched up pathces of green, purple and black 'cause it looks frickin' cool. He has blue eyes since that's my favourite color of eyes.
• What is your fursona's personality and how does this compare to your RL personality?
I haven't really decided on his personality so idk. I'm probably gonna give him traits that I would kill for.
• What is one item your fursona owns that is significant to you in RL?
Red collar with silver spikes on it.
• What is one thing you think you would say to your fursona if you could meet?
OMG KITTEH! Let me hug you!
• What is one thing your fursona would say to you if you could meet?
No idea..... get away from me?
• How has your fursona changed over the years?
It hasn't it's a fairly new character this is him: Stitch by clearsky1997
• How long have you had this fursona?
Hmmm, a few months. Since.... October? Maybe?
• Would you like to be more like your fursona?
Apperance wise or personality wise? .... Idk.
• Now tag three people
I don't tag, I'm sorry

Also my computer is still being a lil' b*tch.
  • Mood: Outraged
  • Listening to: Music and dumb teachers
  • Reading: An abundance of Katherines & assigned reading
  • Watching: Homework and computer


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Artist | Hobbyist | Other
I am probably the laziest person you'll ever have the misfortune of meeting. I either do something the moment I say I'll do it or you'll wait for a frickin' decade before it'll be done (I am really sorry if you had to wait a lifetime for a request, so sorry).
I adore music but to be honest that doesn't really make me special does it?
I love to think things over to the point od insanity.
Also reading would be a big passion of mine.

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